{The Boobies Planet} Designer rules

{The Boobies Planet} Discount Room
    Only items for Breast Implants
      Items between 40L  to 80L
    Be weekly event
-Only Items* with implants applier
*between 40-80L$,  you can't put a price higher than the agreed, we will be contact you so you can make the change, if the price remains unchanged the item will be returned without notice.
*not necessary that your item be a new release, we are a discount room
-One round every 15 days.
-Must advertise their items, sending them to the Boobies Planet Bloggers Group.
This is very useful to promote your stuff and the event.
-Must promote the event in your store bloggers group too.
-The bloggers do not will buy stuff to be posted..
-You need change items every round
-You must respect the timeline. We can not allow the delay between rounds.
There are 4 days between rounds to prepare the next
Look for your store logo, fill up your itrms and remember to check boxes:
"Sale"  "contents" and "buy object" / (can use scripts for it.)
-Remember the applier have to be inside the vendor with the clothes or skin, you cannot sell separately
-If you need, can use a little box to put a demo.
-If you do not participate in 3 consecutive rounds we will be free to remove you from the group, to protect other designers.
Be compressive and leave the group.
-In case the opening round, you are not placed their items we immediately find a replacement.
Sorry, but we can not afford delays of any kind, for that we make a timeline and send notices notifying that everything is ready.

-To app as sponsor:

1-Accept the event rules
2- Have Store in world and on marketplace
3-Participate in two consecutives round @ The Boobies Planet
4-Apply and wait our response for approval

To app as Non sponsor:

1-Accept the event rules
2-Have store in world and/or on marketplace
3-Apply and wait our response for approval

** Noncompliance any of the rules, let subject to revision Designer continuity in future events



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