domingo, 29 de diciembre de 2013

We are moving

Hi! First to all a big thanks for  join us in our discount Room {The Boobies Planet} during this year 2013.
There not next round at this time,  because we will close by holidays until approximately January 15, 2014. 
{The Boobies Planet} will be move to another bigger and beautiful land, hope to see you all in january :).
Stay tuned to the news that  will be send via group notices.
Soon i  will send a LM and pic of the new home

Thanks you for all your support
{The Boobies Planet} Staff

viernes, 20 de diciembre de 2013

{The Boobies Planet} Round 18th

(click pic to enlarge)

For this round we have special items that designers created for holidays and winter season.
Come and see around, you won't be missed this fabulous stuff!
{The Boobies Planet}

{The Boobies Planet} Group Gift

New stores
New Stuff
New Group Gift!!!!
Awesome deals!!!!
All between 40L-80L
Discount Room dedicated to breast implant community
also azz friendly 
Don't miss it!
Go go go to

lunes, 16 de diciembre de 2013